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My name is Andrew Diemer.

I’m a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Educator based in New York City. I work as a Senior Designer at Droga5 and spend my free time skateboarding, playing music, watching basketball, and studying martial arts. If you would like to collaborate or just want to say hello, feel free to send me an email.


Surprise Me
2013: The Year Modern Skateboarding Broke

For such a short period of time, 2013 marked a major shift in skateboarding. Jenkem tasked me with illustrating Andrew Murrell’s story about the pivotal year in skate history for their book Jenkem Volume 3. Later, Jenkem and Alex Coles turned the article, and my illustrations into a video essay on the year 2013.

Illustrations: Andrew Diemer
Video: Alex Coles
Words: Andrew Murrell
Art Direction: Anthony Pappalardo
Published by: Jenkem

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone

The Small Stone is one of Electro-Harmonix’ most popular effects pedals. Its redesign aims to honor its place in music history as well as its psychedelic sound. This pedal is featured on some of my favorite records and is a mainstay on the guitar pedal boards of many artists such as Tame Impala, David Gilmour, & Radiohead

Legacy Hotel at IMG Academy

The Legacy Hotel at IMG Academy was designed and built to offer world class accommodations to the families of students and professional athletes that come to visit the school and use the facilities at IMG Academy. Droga5 was tasked with creating a brand and identity for the hotel that spoke to the luxury clientele as well as it's proximity to such a state-of-the-art sports complex. After a long research phase, we proposed five different directions to the client, their choice was to explore the identity least like a conventional hotel. We embraced sports iconography in a subtle, elevated way and incorporated motion and a playfulness unique in the category.

Agency: Droga5

My Meds Aren’t Working

Inspired by the titular song by Dystopia, My Meds Aren’t Working is a coloring book for misanthropes. Imagery was naturally degraded using a scanner and photocopier, and bound via saddle stitch.

Original edition of 30 zines, handprinted and bound in Brooklyn, NY. Packaged with crayons.

This project was created as a part of the inagural session of Making and Breaking the Zine, Hosted by Index Space.

End Family Fire

End Family Fire is a campaign created at Droga5 for The Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence. Our aim was to bridge the divide on a hotly contested issue with a stance that both sides can agree upon: unintended gun deaths are something no family wants in their home, pro-gun or not. Partnering with the Ad Council, we created a series of films, a website, social content, out-of-home, and print advertisements. On launch the campaign gained press from The New York Times, Ad Age, and Huffington Post, as well as celebrity mentions from the likes of Kevin Bacon and Ellen DeGeneres.

Agency: Droga5