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My name is Andrew Diemer.

I’m a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Educator based in New York City. I work as a Senior Designer at Droga5 and spend my free time skateboarding, playing music, watching basketball, and studying martial arts. If you would like to collaborate or just want to say hello, feel free to send me an email.


Surprise Me
Droga5 São Paulo

I was tasked with creating a logotype to celebrate the new Droga5 office opening in São Paulo, Brazil. I wanted to capture the vibrancy and excitement of the city when creating not only the static lettering but also the animation. To build the lettering I used a series of five inset lines to form basic shapes, combining them to create the finished typography.

Agency: Droga5

Keep It Oscar: Spec Work

One of my main clients at Johannes Leonardo was Kraft Heinz. We were tasked with creating a campaign and rebrand project that would bring Oscar Mayer into the 21st century. I was tasked with creating the logo-lockup for the end card on the spot. Through multiple rounds and constant changes, much of what I made never saw the light of day.

Agency: Johannes Leonardo

*Note: The slides shown here are spec work and did not launch or go live with the ‘Keep it Oscar’ campaign. They are provided here as insight to my process.

IHOP Pancizza

For National Pizza Day, IHOP wanted to introduce a new circle-food: the Pancizza. It’s just a big pancake in a box. I designed all of the packaging as well as multiple ‘smiling pizza chef’ illustrations for this project.

Fast Company’s Cale Weissman was a big fan.

Agency: Droga5

Volkswagen Atlas

At the start of the 2019 NFL season, Volkswagen showed real families and their struggles to get where they’re going. I was tasked with designing the endcard type treatment as well as the jerseys, clothing and logos throughout this spot. I leveraged my love of minor league sports logos for many of these designs.

Agency: Johannes Leonardo

Hennessy - Major Taylor Bicycle

Launching along side Hennessy's 'Wild Rabbit' campaign for 2018, Droga5 was tasked with creating a commemorative track bicycle that honored the legacy of the campaign's hero, Marshall "Major" Taylor (1878–1932). Partnering with Affinity Cycles, the frame was built from steel, and utilized high-end components from companies such as Phil Wood and Thomson. I was honored to design the headbadge and all of the graphics that were painted on the frame.

Agency: Droga5