Client: CBRE
Agency: Droga5
ECD: Paul Meates
ADD: Albie Eloy
SD: Andrew Diemer
JD: Junel Islam

CBRE: Realize Anything

CBRE approached us for a campaign to celebrate the launch of their rebrand. "Realize Anything" was Droga’s approach to showcasing the extensive capabilities the commercial real estate company has to offer.

As part of the design team, I worked on establishing the end card for their campaign, as well as instituting an updated graphic style across their out of home advertising and digital banners. We also worked on a proprietary grid stucture which is present in the campaign films themselves.

Film Grid

As part of the development process for the main films, the design team was tasked with finding a unique way to lay out imagery and footage. We created a proprietary grid which was designed to be flexible across multiple aspect ratios. This would ensure that our creative style would properly translate across the broadcast and social verisons of the film.

End Card Design

Many routes were explored for the CBRE endcards. The main goal was to embue the ‘line of sight’ with meaning and nuance. As a design elementy throughout the films and print advertising, it needed prominence and a sophisticated animation treatment. the final execution can be seen in the main campaign film, with an earlier example here as an insight into my process.

Out of Home and Digital Advertising

To expand the campaign, we created a variety of visuals for use in out of home, print and digital adverts. We utilized our ‘line of sight’ device to connect back to the main campaign films and add a distinct element to set us apart from other firms in the category.

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