Client: Frankies Spuntino Group
Producer: Justin Durazzo
Design Director: Rich Greco
Design: Andrew Diemer

F&F Pizzeria

F&F Pizzeria was founded by the folks at Frankies Spuntino Group, serving high quality, naturally leavened pizza to Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. They came to Rich Greco, Justin Durazzo, and myself to create the branding and packaging experience that would house their superior product. I’m not just saying this because I designed the logo, but it really is the best pizza in Brooklyn. See for yourself, tell them Diemer sent you.

Logo Design System

Clients had a desire to build their branding around an existing sign that they had aquired, so we were tasked with incorprateed the sign’s regal coat of arms into the logo system. We did so by allowing for flexibility with a set of marks that could be combined or broken down to fit different applications.

After a lengthy research and discovery phase, we were emboldened to utilize branding without the stereotypical pizza shop color palette of red, white and green, and instead opt for a category defying blue and gold. Not only does this allow us to stand out in a crowded market, but it still calls back to the heritage of Italy with a subtle nod to the Italian national soccer team, the ‘Azzuri’.

Crest Evolution

Inspired by existing signage, our Primary Crest logo mark incorporates a regal coat of arms in a more traditional style. This treatment was arrived at after first experimenting with many different iterations of a more angular, vector style mark. Ultimately the hand-drawn approach lended a more classic look, and inevitably resembled the space’s signage closer. Below we see a few different typographic options being explored as well.

Brand Architecture

Differentiating F&F from other restauraunts in the Frankies Spuntino Group portfolio was an important part of the brief. F&F entered the market as an entirely new offering from FSG, sitting at an equal level of importance to their flagship restauraunt Frankies 457, and Franks Wine Bar. These restauranunts may share ownership, but they are entirely different experineces despite being situated on the same block in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

Package Design

As with any pizzeria, the box art for the product is an essential statment as well as your best opportunity for organic advertising. We opted for a simple, streamlined approach which heros our mark and color palette. When seen in the wild, this box stands out because of those factors among a market that is so often reliant on clip art or blank cardboard.


How many pizzerias can say they have a following that ranges from Court Street locals, to celebs like Jimmy Kimmel? It was imperative for us to expand the opportunity with F&F to include merchandise as it only compounds the effect of word of mouth advertising. Leveraging simoplicity in our design, we wanted the crest and color to stand out among our competitors.

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