Client: Recovery Run Coaching
Photography: Eric Opalite
Art Direction: Andrew Diemer
Design: Andrew Diemer

Models: Claire Todd, Eric Todd

Recovery Run Coaching

Recovery Run Coaching aims to make running at a high level more accessible to motivated runners through expert coaching and proven science. They employ two winning ultra runners who are also professional Physical Therapists; No one else in the perfomance coaching space does what they do. Through an exhaustive research phase, I developed a strategic position and design territory to help their brand stand apart from other groups in their field.


Recovery approached me to help them build their brand. The first part of this process involved a lengthy discovery period which included a detailed competitive audit and design exploration. Early on we identified that Recovery already operated in a way that went against the conventions of the industry, meaning the goal for the design was to further emphasise this difference.

We used information identified within the audit to make design choices simple. When the industry uses sans serif typography, we ebraced beautiful calligraphic serifs. When competitors utilize colors inspired by nature, we aimed for colors that would stand out in nature. When the majority of riun coaches in the perfomance space used stock photography, we created bespoke imagery that captured the beauty of nature and our surroundings.

Art Direction & Photography

Partnering with Eric Opalite we created a series of images to use for social media campaigns and on the Recovery Website. We wanted to highlight the natural beauty and unique features of the Philadlephia running scene, where Recovery Run Coaching is based. These images were an important part of establishing the brand look & feel, as well as communicating the expertise and experience of the founders of Recovery, Claire and Eric Todd. 

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