Client: Worn-Tin
Design: Love Cult
Art Direction: Love Cult

Worn-Tin: Cycles

Cycles is the second album by my close personal friend Warner Hyatt, also known as Worn-Tin. Warner commissioned Love Cult to create the artwork for his album. Utilizing photography from previous shoots, Johnny Fracchiolla and I collaborated from across the country to illustrate, typeset, and design this LP from the front cover all the way to the insert and label.

Design Process

Love Cult was a collaborative art practice and independent publishing press founded by myself and Johnny Fracchiolla. Before dismantling in 2018, we would take on design projects occasionally for friends and loved ones. Warner’s record was a tricky ask because at this point in time, Johnny and I lived across the country from eachother, making collaboration a bit more challenging.

An additional wrinkle in the plan was that we were unable to coordinate a bespoke shoot to capture imagery for the album and its promotion. Luckily, Warner has many talented photographer friends and is an incredibly gifted art director. We utilized imagery across a few shoots that were made by the same photographer to create a unified photo story. In addition we embellished our design work with many spot illustrations and expressive typography to help pull it all together under a unified concept.

Posters & Apparel Design

For a number of years, Love Cult was the defacto design team for all things Worn-Tin. Leaning into the sometimes psychadelic and often humorous imagery evoked in Warner’s music, we found ourselves trying to make each poster feel like it could have come from a stoned teenage wasteoid’s brain. Featured here are a number of posters and merchandise designed for Worn-Tin over the years.

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